Do You Court Loneliness?

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Some people court solitude. Some even court temporary loneliness. It provides them with an appreciation for what they have in their lives. Also, loneliness provides them the temporary pain and discomfort they need to get their creativity flowing. Their creativity relieves the pain of the artificially created loneliness.

However, there are many who would never artificially create loneliness for themselves. They don't need to - loneliness is already an un-invited guest in their lives. They hate being lonely and cannot imagine why any one would want to court loneliness. Such people are petrified at the thought of being by themselves. Often because they have a low opinion of their own selves - a sure way to suffer from loneliness due to internal causes.

Another aspect of courting loneliness is that if you are afraid of it and have not explored its nature then you are going to view it  only as a source of pain. As you know, almost all humans are hard wired to avoid pain. However, when you court loneliness, you are showing it that you are not afraid of it and willing to get to know it. Know your enemies!

There are 6 wonderful aspects of loneliness:

1) You get a chance to examine the real you. Living a normal life does not give you that opportunity.

2) After you have examined the real you, you get to know the real you. Surprisingly, some people never get to know their real selves.

3) You get a chance to improve the real you. No chance to do that in your regular life? Welcome aboard.

4) You get to like the real you and thus resolve the main internal cause of loneliness. When you like the real you, you are never lonely.

5) You get to realize that when you are intensely lonely, you are at the edge of sanity.  On the other side of the precipice is insanity. One look over the precipice and you back off in horror. Or get pulled to your demise.

6) If you back off the precipice in horror, you begin to appreciate your sanity and the presence of a benign ??? - you describe it.

Look into the eyes  and presence of what you fear, feel the awful fear. First you will get used to feeling the fear. Then you will begin to challenge that which you fear. The time for flight will have passed. Your only choice will be to fight. And fighting means action. Plenty of action, rejection, pain and embarrassment. And eventual release.

Court loneliness and vanquish it!

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Loneliness is the hidden taboo. Most people don't like to talk about it or acknowledge it. When confronted with it their response is inadequate action. Therefore it is up to the lonely person to free himself or herself. How to do that is the focus of

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Do You Court Loneliness?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31