The Role Of The County Court

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In our society these today it is ever increasingly common that you could become involved in a wide variety of issues or disputes in which you will by law, be entitled to pursue a claim in a County Court. The County Court is designed to help you to take legal action against any wrong doings you may have received. County Courts or Small Claims Courts deal with all kinds of civil actions, such as; family problems, personal injury, discrimination, employment disputes, and financial or housing disputes. Say for instance that you injured your self at work that was due to the negligence of health and safety by your employer. Or you could be owed wages from an employer who refuses to pay you. Either of these situations and others like it allow you to make a claim against your employer that would benefit you with compensation or what you are owed.

It is important to know that there is a time limit of 6 months, starting from the day of the incident, in which you have to make an official claim. Depending on the case you can sometimes a get an extension on the time limit and in some rare case it has been known that the court can fairly see that your claim should still be made even after the time limit has been reached.

Once a claim has been made through the Country Court they will charge a fee depending on the amount of money the case involves. County Courts will issue a letter to those in question that offered them the chance to settle by paying you whatever is owed. If they refuse to or can't afford to pay they will have to send back the court documents explaining this. From here the matter will be resolved in the County Court. Once a dispute gets into court, each party will present their case to the judge with relevant evidence in a private trail. The courts will evaluate the evidence presented to them and make a decision about if the money is owed, if it is owed then they will decide the best way in which the money should be paid.

Finding the right solicitor is very important and you should ensure that you find one with relevant experience in the type of issue you are claiming for. Most solicitors will also offer a 'no win no fee' solution which works in your advantage if your claim is unsuccessful. The fact of the matter is that, if you have enough reasonable evidence and a good solicitor then your case will almost certainly be won in your favour.

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The Role Of The County Court

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This article was published on 2011/02/10